April Book Review – Mailbox by Nancy Freund.

Mailbox by Nancy Freund.

mailbox nancy freund

I had never heard of Nancy Freund until I was approached and asked to review this book by the PR Company. I’m aware of the old saying of ‘never judge a book by its cover’ but there was something charming and interesting about this one.

The novel is told from the perspective of a 10 year old girl who upon finding an electric typewriter starts collecting stories and pieces of advice that she experiences and are offered by those around her. As an adult woman you may think that there would be nothing here that could appeal to the mature you, but you’d be wrong. Nancy has managed to perfectly articulate the voice of the young girl, finding the balance between the passion of finding the answers to life

There are moments in the book that are incredibly sweet, for example where Sandy talks about the things she loves about her dog. But then there are moments that were difficult to read and made me feel uncomfortable. For example there was a point where Sandy recalls a day where a friends Uncle asked the girls to get naked and do cartwheels through the hose whilst filming it. Sandy seemed to capture the emotions perfectly, of knowing that something is wrong with this scenario but lacking the full understanding of what exactly is wrong about it. What’s also nice about this novel is the relationship Sandy has with her mum and Aunt, the women seem strong, they’re great characters and I appreciated the way they kept giving Sandy advice and showing her that being a woman means you can be anything you want. Sandy was a great character, with plenty of warmth and wit, I almost wanted to know what happened as she approached her teenage years, but the way the novel ended was quite apt and profound.

Whilst I didn’t know fully what to expect, I wasn’t disappointed. There was something endearing about the character and the stories shared. A great novel which has made me want to read Nancy’s other work and also provided me with plenty of food for thought. I’d recommend this to people who are fans of American literature or coming of age novels.

Mailbox is published by Gobreau Press and is available on the Kindle from Amazon.co.uk RRP £5 and is available in paperback from all good bookshops RRP £12.99

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