Nevermore – Supernatural Book #1 – A Review

Supernatural Book #1 – Nevermore by Keith R.A. DeCandido


What can I say, when I become passionately obsessed with a TV show then I LOVE to look for tie in novels and recently my life has been all about Supernatural. A TV show that numerous people over the years have told me I would like but I just never seemed to get round to watching, anyway to cut a long story short I started watching it around mid-June and I’m currently half way through Season 9. Needless to say I am ADDICTED and I have no shame. I already feel part of the Supernatural Family and I love it (and breathe it) on a daily basis. But before I start snorting and getting breathless about the show, I’ll get back to my original point.

I was SO happy to see that SPN had books that go alongside it, the only danger is with books like this is the characters not being written the right way, but thankfully that wasn’t the case with this one. The Winchester Brother’s travel to New York to check out the house of a local rock star who claims his house is haunted by a woman. Whilst they’re there they also look into strange deaths that resemble something straight out of the stories of Edgar Allen Poe. The boys have their hands full, but as usual they deal with it with aplomb.

The story line involving the Poe like killings, although clever, didn’t stand out for me as much as the haunting at the rockers house. I was genuinely intrigued to discover who the woman was, plus the moments where Dean and Sam are watching the band destroy some of Dean’s most treasured songs, made me laugh as I could see his face clearly in my mind. Nevermore isn’t a bad tie in at all, with Keith giving believable voices to both of the brothers, the story line was bizarre and believable enough too.

Star Rating out of 5: 4


An additional plus I loved about this book was the author’s recommended soundtrack.

Happy reading nerds!



Quick Reads – Clumsy – A Review

 Clumsy by Jeffrey Brown.


I was looking at some of those ‘definitive’ lists for comic books to read and this one popped up on quite a few of them, so I figured why the heck not and bought a copy. This isn’t a comic book in the traditional sense, it doesn’t have amazing imagery nor are the drawings particularly detailed, in fact it’s quite haphazard but it’s exactly that, that gives it its charm.

It tells the story of a year-long, long distance relationship, through snippets we see the meeting, the initial romance, the arguments and insecurities and the unfortunate decline to the end of the relationship. Whilst the dialogue isn’t overly emotional it’s the honesty and observational quality of Jeffrey Brown’s storytelling that takes this from something that could have been mediocre to something that all of us can and should be able to relate to.

Not particularly lengthy (you could easily get through it in one sitting) this makes for a sweet little read, if you’re looking for some motivation to get nostalgic about ‘the one that got away’ then this is perfect. I recommend sticking on some mellow music and just allowing yourself to zone out!

Star Rating out of 5: 3

‘For being so weird!’


 Happy reading!