Addicted to Death – A Review


Imagine a world where genetically modified fruit and vegetables have advanced so much that they can live life as a normal human being. Yes, that’s what you get with this book. I realise it may sound far-fetched or even a little stupid. But actually it makes for a very surprising read. Addicted to Death by Matthew Redford starts off with the brutal murder of two eggs Benedict and Darcy Blacktail. It is down to DI Willie Wortel (a carrot) to find the murderer and bring them to justice alongside his faithful work colleague Dorothy (a regular human being)

But Willie has his work cut out when four of the countries well known chefs receive death threats, and when another body turns up inside the Strawberry Strip Club, Wortel has to question whether they’re linked. After a while I began to forget that the characters were food, with the exception of a few food related traits, they’re written very human. But the thing I perhaps found most enjoyable about this was the humour, which vastly improves when Oranges and Lemons come into it. At times I felt like I was reading dialogue that could have easily have been a scene in a film like The Naked Gun or Airplane.

There are plenty of subplots going on (the relationship between Wortel and Warren) and the ever present danger of MadCow McBeef being released from prison which just add to the nightmare of a week Wortel finds himself having. Although on the surface this is a book that could be easily passed over as silly or with no real substance, it actually packs an enjoyable punch. But looking at things more deeply, you could also say this book looks at the attitudes of modern society to anyone who doesn’t fit into their standard for ‘normal’ and the levels of tolerance surrounding people who are ‘different’.

A somewhat surprising novel with plenty of laughs and page turning slapstick drama.

Star Rating out of 5: 3.5         

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‘Meet Ketchup, Gravy and Béarnaise. Better known as the KGB.’

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