Reading Challenge 2015 – A Book Written By A Female Author

Book Number Six – Yes Please by Amy Poehler.


Like most people I’ve come to know Amy Poehler as the passionate, lovely Leslie Knope in the hit TV Series Parks and Recreation. I’m also familiar with her work in films like Mean Girls, Blades of Glory and her stint on SNL. So to say I was excited to learn more about her is an understatement.

After reading Bossypants and laughing so much, I guess I was expecting much of the same from Yes Please, but I was wrong to make any assumptions. You know that old saying, it is wrong to assume anything because it makes an ass out of you and me?!…Well…that!

Yes Please is an honest and unflinching account of Amy’s life, the highs, the lows and everything in between. Although not as humorous as Tina Fey’s book, I found this an inspiring read. Amy Poehler is a lady who I would love to meet and talk to, she’s had a fascinating journey to get where she is today and she’s certainly not afraid to be incredibly frank about how hard work is the key to success.

‘Good or bad, the reality is most people become “famous” or get “great jobs” after a very, very long tenure shovelling shit and not because they handed their script to someone on the street.’

The book isn’t braggy or self-pitying and Amy isn’t afraid to even highlight and discuss her flaws or mistakes she has made in the past. She’s insightful and driven and the more I read, the greedier I became to get through the book quicker.

‘Your ability to navigate and tolerate change and its painful uncomfortableness directly correlates to your happiness and general well-being.’

Amy’s book is well written, honest and uplifting. She is a, if not, the, true lady of comedy.

‘Things happened in real time and you watched them together. There was no rewind.’



Star Rating out of 5: 5

Happy reading fellow bookworms.