Leave Your Mark – An Evening with Aliza Licht.

From superheroes to the DKNY PR girl, it’s been a busy week at More Books Than Shoes. This week I attended my very first author meet and greet at the Manchester Deansgate branch of Waterstones, a branch I love and adore, SO many books!! But I digress. My dear friend Jess knows that I’m slightly addicted to social media (especially Twitter, follow me @GinaAlanaLane) and also that I have my own blog (which you are now reading) so asked me to go along. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about Aliza Licht before I went other than what I’d learned from doing a few google and Twitter searches on her. She seemed to exhume confidence and power in her online presence so I was really intrigued by what Aliza had to say.


I sat nervously in the front row, my hair all flyaway and flicking out here, there and everywhere due to the close humidity the day had blessed us with. My cheeks were flush, most of my makeup had melted off and it’s safe to say I wasn’t looking my best. I really didn’t feel too confident about sitting on the front row in front of a beautiful woman who has made a career out of successfully selling a brand. But when Aliza came to the front all my anxieties washed away. With a silent but strong confidence and disarming smile she introduced herself and talked about her career and I was instantly in awe.


Aliza started using twitter for Donna Karan PR in 2009 when there was no other brand on Social Media, it was inspiring to hear her discuss how people’s lives have been changed thanks to social networking on websites like Twitter and even touched on how Twitter makes connections with people regardless of who they are and where they come from. But perhaps one of the most relatable things Aliza discussed was how similar people’s concerns and worries are. I think it’s increasingly easy in this day and age to think that your stress and work related issues are exclusive to you, but Aliza said that one of the main motivations behind the book was how people always seem to be asking for advice in relation to the same issues, the advice in the book will easily relate to all careers.


Refreshing, inspiring, honest and uplifting, it was one of the best evening’s I’ve had in a while, and I know it seems silly to say but I really feel that she struck a chord with me, needless to say I bought a copy of the book and can’t wait to curl up with a cup of coffee at the weekend and get started on it. I’ll post a full review when I’m done.


I can’t wait to leave my mark, can you?!

Happy reading fellow bookworms.