Book Bits & Bobs

Society tells us that girls wouldn’t be girls without carrying round a compact mirror to touch up in or their signature colour lipstick (my colours red for those wondering) but I think that as true as that sometimes may be there are equally important things that all bookworms (both guys and dolls alike) need to have with them at all times. This is my list of important things to always carry around when you’re a bibliophile.

I’m going to start with the obvious but for me I always have to be carrying a book with me in my bag. Of course it’s usually whatever I’m currently reading but as I’m approaching the end of a book I always carry a backup. That’s right sometimes I’m carrying not one but TWO books. The reason? Because if my train gets delayed or I have some time to kill whilst waiting for a friend, I like to spend it with my nose in a book and I’d rather know I’m making a start on a new adventure than wasting my time scrolling through Facebook on my phone.


A notebook. I like to carry a notebook so I can jot down quotes or questions about things that hit me when I’m reading book, I find it helpful if I can reflect and see whether or not I feel my questions are answered/made clear through the events that transpire. It also helps if I can jot down initial thoughts/emotions I experience when reading. Sometimes when you’re reading multiple books or other things get in the way it can be hard to recall what those first initial thoughts were.


Page pointers or sticky tabs. These were a recent purchase, I love them for quite a few reasons, I can pop them next to quotes or passages of text that I want to refer back on when writing up my reviews. They don’t damage the pages and can be re-used (sticky tabs are an ok substitute but they lose their stick and get creased) It prevents having to dog ear the page (which to me is an offence to all books, why destroy something??)


Headphones and music. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I just like silence when I’m reading but this is incredibly rare. My husband will be playing PS4 or watching football, or the cats will be in destructo mode and cause a trail of mess in the bedroom upstairs or the kitchen. Either way it’s hard to get full on silence when reading so the next best thing is sticking in some headphones and choosing a book appropriate soundtrack whilst reading. Sometimes it will be instrumental stuff, other times it will be generic pop music, either way something that acts as a background distraction and will allow me to immerse myself in the book is going to make me happy. Although I did recently come across an article that said white noise is good to listen to for focus. Who knows? I might give it a try.

My phone. Not for the reason I complained about above but for snaps and inspiration. Sometimes if I’m stuck in a decision making rut, I will search for tags and see what other books are getting people excited. Other times I may be having a short month and see a book that sounds great from the blurb so I’ll snap a photo of it on my phone or add the ISBN number or title of it on to my Goodreads account. Either way my phone has been a great tool for my reading sometimes.


A good cuppa! That’s right folks despite being English and loving a cup of tea, I sometimes enjoy the occasional coffee, either way it’s always nice to have a warm beverage nearby when curling up with a good book.

I’d love to know if there’s anything else that other bookworms out there always like to have on them/use on a daily basis. So get in touch using the comments box below, who knows there may be something I’m missing from my bibliophile arsenal that will help improve my reading experiences going forward.

Happy Reading fellow bookworms.