Book Review – The Promotion: A Novella by Jacke Wilson

The Promotion is the second novella I’ve read by the talented Jacke Wilson, and I didn’t think it was possible but I actually enjoyed it more than ‘The Race’


It follows the story of a lawyer who is tasked with the job of recruiting new attorneys to join the firm he works for. From the get go we can see he’s not having the best of times. His wife who became addicted to gambling has left him and his work life isn’t much better. The new job role gives him a sense of purpose, or passion, to try and encourage people to join the business, only after a few odd lunches with two other colleagues Jennifer and Martin, he can’t help but feel that things aren’t going too well.

He becomes obsessed with a woman named Mina Meinl and soon it is all he can think about, almost like one last hurrah, if he can solve the mystery of her, his life will improve. But underlying all of this is the story of someone who has lost his or her way in the world. I’ve seen some people describe this mans decline into madness, but what I got was the slow, subtle cracks of someone falling into a depression.

I may have read it wrong but I wonder if Jacke was making us think the character was male, but is actually female. Either that or Mina represented a broken off part of the character. The final part of the book seems like the characters need to go back to simpler times, a search for some normality as the world crumbles around him. And the ending of life and death and the pounding on the door ended the book perfectly, the moment right before you know which path the character will take.

Another well-written novella, with many layers of thought threaded throughout. If you want something that you can read fairly quickly and keep you intrigued, this is the perfect book for you.

Star Rating out of 5: 5

Mina. Meinl. Me. Mine.

Happy reading fellow book lovers!