Honesty is the best policy…

I think one of the best policies to adopt in life is honesty. I’d be lying if I said I’ve been quiet because I’ve been busy reading lots, I haven’t. As much as I love my job it has occupied a lot of my time and life over the past month or so, I’ve even been working from home at weekends in order to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible and that things are getting done a lot sooner than necessary. This has meant that I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to dedicate to reading in the evening or weekends. However as the filming comes to an end on Wednesday my reading regime should become a lot healthier.

As well as trying to stick to the Reading Challenge I have also been reading some titles that have been sent to me for review, not only for this book blog but also Belle About Town, which those more astute readers amongst you will remember is the website I review books for. This has taken precedence over the challenge somewhat, although this irks me slightly, it’s also nice to not feel the pressure of trying to source the book for the next category.

I guess this is a semi apology and also a way in asking for some motivation from my fellow book lovers out there. How do you keep on top of a passion when work and life seem to take over so much? Trust me I have tried to do some reading for at least 30 minutes before bed every night but due to the long hours it’s been hard to keep my eyes open for even a paragraph. At the weekends when I’ve not been working, I have been spending quality time with my husband and also trying to catch up with things that needed doing in the house. Can anyone suggest what I could do to get me back into the swing of reading things? Are there any tried and tested methods that any fans of my bog use that gets them through a book in a matter of days? If so I’d like to hear from you, so why not comment below.

I think one of the nicer things I have done recently included getting the house in order and also my love of books, for months now I have been looking at my bookcase and despairing. It was messy with review books, new books and borrowed books discarded on any spare shelf. So yesterday my husband and I took some time out to clear the bookcase out, polish it, alphabetise and make it look as it was intended to look. If you look at the photo below the left image shows the before, the right image shows the after. Strangely my cousin said she preferred the before, but I much prefer the right. I can see all my books clearly and can easily identify which ones I haven’t read, which ones would be great for my challenge and which ones I need to cover for review.


I have also bought a few new titles, they are;

House of Mirth by Edith Wharton (for my Kindle)

Brooklyn by Colm Toibin

Curtain Call by Anthony Quinn (this was based on the cover alone – which is part of the reading challenge)

Dead Star Island by Andrew Shantos

I’d love to know what titles you have been buying and enjoying. So please do get in touch. Keep an eye open, I’ll hopefully be posting more reviews soon, until then happy reading fellow bookworms.

Georgina Lane


Currently Reading…

So those of you who follow my blog know that I suffer from the problem of indecisiveness. I struggle to select which book or novella I should read next as I have so many books backlogged from my years of not reading, so I use my TBR jar to help me decide. Quite simply, I write all the books I own, but haven’t read yet on a piece of paper, fold it and put it in the jar, then once I’ve finished a book I give the jar a shake and pick one out at random. It saves me the time and energy of standing in front of my bookshelf and perusing the titles, reading the blurbs, feeling the book, flicking through the pages, pursing my lips and scratching my head…I have a wedding to plan, a job to go to and Mr Tibbs (my kitten) to feed, so I don’t have time to do all the above. The point to all this?

The book I selected out of my TBR last night is…


Americana by Don DeLillo.




I’ll put a full review up as soon as I’m done.


Thanks for reading and remember, it’s ok to have more books than shoes.


These Are A Few Of My Favourite…..Words!


As we communicate on a daily basis, there are words that we use more than others, but this post is all about the other words. The words that are delightful to use but tend not to seem right in our modern day society. So here are some of my favourite words.


Word: Discombobulate

Meaning: Verb INFORMAL MAINLY HUMOROUS – to confuse someone or make someone feel uncomfortable

Reason: My question to you would be ‘What’s NOT to love about this word?’ Just say it, go on…Discombobulate. It’s so enjoyable to say, so why don’t you make someone feel uncomfortable and use the word in your next conversation.


Word: Plebeian

Meaning: Adjective – of, relating to, or characteristic of the common people, esp. those of Rome

Reason: In my head there’s something so incredibly ancient about this word, it also reminds me of something I think the Queen would use in private to talk about the likes of normal people.


Word: Obstreperous

Meaning: Adjective – Noisy and difficult to control: ‘the boy is cocky and obstreperous’

Reason: When I finally have a child and it misbehaves, this is the word I’m going to pull out of the hat when other mothers are judging me because my little boy or girl is being noisy. I can see it now ‘Harry, stop being so obstreperous’ I can then look at the judgemental mothers, roll my eyes and give a little chuckle and walk away feeling smug in the knowledge that whilst my child may be a little mischievous, I’ve also used a rather beautiful word that they will have to go home and look up on the internet, because it’s the little victories in life.


Word: Ameliorate

Meaning: Verb – to make or become better; improve

Reason: Because to me, this word perfectly encapsulates, why many of us choose to get lost in a good book. We want to expand our mind, introduce ourselves to new characters and the worlds in which they live, but aside from that we want to add to our vocabulary. Essentially we all ameliorate from time to time, whether it be at sports, at work or in ourselves, we all want to become better and improve.


Word: Schmaltz

Meaning: Noun – excessive sentimentality, esp. in music

Reason: I love this because it sounds like a word that’s been made up by a TV show and popular culture, but it’s origins lie in German and Yiddish. Just give it a try, it sounds delightful in the mouth.


Word: Macabre

Meaning: Adjective – gruesome; ghastly; grim

Reason: This one of few words that when uttered by anyone, instantly conjures up images of dark and grotesque things. Let’s be honest you would be more inclined to visit the ‘Haunted House’ at a fair or read a horror novel if someone used the word macabre to describe it to you…Or is that just me?!


Word: Serendipity

Meaning: Noun – the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident

Reason: The actual meaning of the word is what I enjoy the most. Who hasn’t found a crumpled £5 note in a pair of jeans right when you really needed it, a pair of jeans you were just about to throw out too?! It isn’t all luck; it’s serendipity lending a hand when you’re least expecting it.


Word: Logophile

Meaning: Noun – a lover of words

Reason: This one makes me laugh, for someone who is a lover of words, one would expect the word itself to be more poetic, ambitious or, at least, slightly difficult to pronounce but alas logophile is what I am, and indeed you are. But I do love this word, because I thrive on learning new words and their meanings. I am a logophile and proud, thank you very much!


Ahhh, beautiful words…. I’d love to learn about the words other people enjoy or appreciate, so please do get in touch in the comments below.


Goodreads & Why I Love It So Much

So as I mentioned very early on in my blog, in my first blog post to be pedantic, I took some time off reading when I went out into the big scary world and got a full time job. It wasn’t that reading didn’t appeal to me anymore, I just found myself getting consumed with other means of entertainment, and developed quite a hectic working life and a social life that more than made up for it. Not only that but I’d fallen into a lull when the Harry Potter series came to an end, and I hate to say it, but I wondered if I’d ever find a book that made me feel the way that series did. A book that completely enveloped me and made me part of it’s world.

I wish I could remember who told me about Goodreads, as I’d love to give them a huge, warming cuddle and enjoy a pot or two of tea with them, because it really gave me the much needed boost I’d been longing for. It was like a place where likeminded people could meet, with some anonymity (if they wish) and discuss their passion for books. But it was more than that; it allowed me to set goals of how many books I thought I’d be able to read in a year, as I had a deadline (1st Jan – 31st Dec) and a group of friends following my progress through the site, it really motivated me to try and read as much as possible.

I sometimes feel that in those early days of getting to grips with the website, and honing my Book Challenge, I cheated a little bit, as I re-read a couple of books I had read in the past. But I believe it was Oscar Wilde who said ‘If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use to reading it at all.’ And he was right, if a book is truly enjoyable to you, then there is no crime in reading that same book over and over again. Goodreads also allowed me to join forums, meet likeminded people, befriend them on the site and swap book recommendations. Now this, and this alone, is what really makes me love the site. I have lost count of how many books I have added to my ‘Want To Read’ list and all because I’ve seen that someone else is reading it and I’ve enjoyed the sound of the blurb.

It’s really opened doors for me, helping me reignite my passion of reading once more, but also helping me expand my imagination by introducing me to new world’s, new authors and new ideas. If you don’t have a Goodreads account, I’d really recommend it, it may just be the best thing you do this year.

I end with a quote from W.Somerset Maugham, whose book ‘Of Human Bondage’ I found, read and thoroughly enjoyed, thanks to Goodreads. This quote is the perfect rebuttal to anyone who says you’re wrong to like a certain book ‘because it’s boring/crap/expletive of choice’ He said ‘The only important thing in a book is the meaning that is has for you.’ Perfect.

Mr Keating and I…



I still have no words at how unbelievably saddened I feel about the passing of this great man. The Dead Poet’s Society was a film that really inspired me when I was younger; I fell more and more in love with the written word and absorbed as many books as I could. I always dreamed of having a teacher like Mr Keating, but was never lucky enough to have that dream fulfilled. But when I recently re-watched the film, I realised it doesn’t matter, because Robin Williams brought Mr Keating alive on the screen and immortalized him forever on film. And like a well loved book, all tattered, beaten, dog eared but incredibly loved, I can revisit him as often as I want and find myself being inspired all over again.