A Happy Reader.

The Happy Reader Issue No 3.

The Happy Reader Issue No3

In the Summer 2015 issue of ‘The Happy Reader’ we catch up with the actor, comedian and newly published author Aziz Ansari. I love Aziz Ansari and after reading this interview, I’m even more excited about getting my hands on a copy of his book ‘Modern Romance’ but as enjoyable as it is reading about his reading habits (a dangerous addiction to the website Reddit) it was perhaps the second part of the magazine that captivated me most. Reading about Corsica, which is the setting for the seasonal book choice of ‘Granite Island: A Portrait of Corsica’ by Dorothy Carrington. Learning about his picturesque place was really interesting but the story that captivated me the most was ‘Being a Shepherd’ an article written by Oscar Rickett and follows the story of Erwyd Howells, a freelance shepherd, who leads a very simple and humble life. There was something about his story that really resonated with me. In the modern age where everyone demands results straightaway, where we are surrounded by material objects and technology it’s easy to lose a taste for the more simple things in life. Even love. When Erwyd talks about his late wife, it was enough to bring a tear to my eye. It’s one of those rare stories that seems so beautiful and perfectly told that you appreciate the written word and those who write them so much more. Thank goodness for you Penguin Classics, and your wonderful seasonal magazine ‘The Happy Reader’.

Until next time, my lovely followers, happy reading.