Reading Challenge 2015 – A Book Set In A Different Country

Book Number Eight – The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide.


I spotted this book in Waterstones a couple of months back and being both a cat lover and a bookworm, I thought it was the perfect combination.

The blurb of the book and the fact it is a ‘New York Times’ bestseller led me to believe that this would be a magical story where a cat comes into the lives of an older couple and breathes a fresh new perspective into their worlds and reignites old passions. But actually it’s not this at all, although there are times where the man and his wife share some rather sweet moments with Chibi, the guest cat, the book is actually quite convoluted.

For what I was hoping to be a quite an uplifting novel, actually ended up making me feel a little sombre. Although well written it just failed to offer any kind of magic and wasn’t a gripping enough tale to keep my attention span for long, I was reading about two chapters a day, which for such a short book (136 pages to be exact) is really quite disappointing. The only redeeming feature are the moments where the author focused on Chibi’s unusual little ways, these were things that would make all cat lovers feel warm.

‘It’s the need to re-confirm how precious someone was and how irreplaceable, and the desire to reconnect with them on a different plain.’

Star Rating out of 5: 2.5

Here’s a kitten gif to make you smile.


Happy reading fellow bookworms.