Update…Why There Has Been Silence On More Books Than Shoes!

This is just to keep you updated, as I realise I haven’t posted anything in a while. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly I started a new job last week and the week previously was incredibly hectic for me as I had to train my replacement and also train up the person taking over the role of Edit Coordinator. Then I had the weekend and as I started my new job on Monday I’ve been busy  learning the ins and outs so that come filming/studio days, I don’t mess up.

I’ve also been commuting less. There is a girl who lives nearby (hello Liz) and she works in the same area as me, and she’s been generous enough to let me car share with her, as despite being almost 30, I can’t actually drive. Something I hope to fix this year by taking lessons and passing my driving test. Instead of taking an hour and half in the morning it’s been taking around 45 minutes, which is great and less stressful. The only downside is that it’s taken away the 2 hours reading time I had a day, which means that I have fallen behind with it all a little bit. I do love reading but being able to get to work early and home earlier is going to win out over some reading time.

I was also busy last month reading and reviewing three books for Belle About Town, a great website for busy women everywhere. You can find my March review for them here http://belleabouttown.com/belle-at-home/literary-lane-3-books-to-read-this-month/me – at the moment I’m also busy working through the three books I am covering in my April review. I am trying to find time to continue with my Reading Challenge for my book blog, but it has been difficult recently.

Another big thing was that I used to use my work laptop to blog from in an evening (naughty of me I know, but what can I say I’m a rule breaker) and although I have a great desktop, I hate being sat upstairs writing when my husband is downstairs. We’re so busy in the week with work that I hate to spend my evenings tucked away in one room, whilst he is in another. So I made the bold decision to purchase a laptop for my blogging and novel writing (more on that soon), that way even if I am writing, we can still talk and be in the same room as one another. What’s also great is seeing how my blogging has inspired him to start his own blog too. If you’re interested in the latest in gadgets, gaming and all things technical, then why not check it out over at http://technicalwasteland.wordpress.com

So the more astute of my readers may have noticed how I casually dropped in the fact I have started writing my first ever novel. I did used to dabble in writing fan fiction back in the day, but I only shared this with a select few, but I feel that this is something I need to get started on and I thought this year was a good a time as any. It’s been a long time coming, but it was perhaps reading my dear friends self-published novel Transatlanticism (you can read more about it here) https://morebooksthanshoes.wordpress.com/2015/02/08/reading-challenge-2015-a-book-published-this-year/ that really inspired to finally sit down and get writing. It doesn’t have a name yet and I’ve only written one chapter and pencilled another, but I know writing is a slow game and I’m ok with that. I often get described as diligent in my day to day work, so I want to know that at least I feel happy with it before I start putting it out there.

So all in all it’s been a busy time. There’s a lot of things going on, but I just wanted to assure you not to worry. Normal service will be resuming now that I have a laptop back and once I’ve got used to my work schedule I’ll know where to fit in time to read. Keep your eyes peeled my lovely bookworms and readers of my blog, there’ll be a lot more coming this way over the coming weeks.

Until next time, happy reading.