Witch’s Canyon – Supernatural Book #2 – A Review

Supernatural Book #2 – Witch’s Canyon by Jeff Mariotte


I have to say I much preferred the story of Witch’s Canyon over that of Nevermore. The boys are visiting a small ranch land close to the Grand Canyon to investigate (and hopefully prevent) a murder spree that seems to occur every forty years.

I really loved the setting of the book, the small scale of the town only added to the feeling of isolation. There was also added intensity as the boys race against time to solve the mystery behind what’s causing the killings before a huge shopping mall is opened, all those people in such a confined space just screams body count.

As the days pass, people in the town are being picked off by a deadly horde of spirits (both animal and human) and pretty soon the local Sheriff realises that the Winchesters are the towns best hope against what is happening. That being said, I don’t think Dean and Sam jumped off the page enough in this book and some of the characterizations were a little off.

Star Rating out of 5: 4.5

Happy reading!