Nashville – Music, Drama and Tension

Have you ever watched a TV show and enjoyed it so much that you rush to your phone or laptop and check if there any books that form part of a canon? I’m getting that right now with Nashville, a show that has been on my radar for quite a while but I only had the opportunity to watch recently when my husband got a Now TV account on his PS4. For some reason I’ve always been a sucker for Country music so this show has all the perfect elements. Country music, strained family dynamics, dirty secrets and plenty of sassy comebacks, not to mention romance, death and addiction. Nashville is DEFINITELY my cup of tea.


I think one of the things I love the most about it is the two main protagonists of the show are females. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to get it and despite their flaws I can’t help but love them. Unfortunately there are only two seasons available for me to watch so I’m going to have to order the DVD of Season 3 and await the release of Season 4, but I was thinking to fill the void of the show I have binge watched over the past couple of weeks that I could turn to the literary world to find something. However all my searches are proving somewhat fruitless, I have ‘How Nashville Became Music City USA: 50 Years of Music Row’ by Michael Kosser and ‘Cash – An Autobiography’ by Jonny Cash currently sat in my shopping basket but I’m looking for more books. Books that embody the storylines and drama of the TV show, so I’m asking all you lovely people out there to send me some recommendations. I know I have quite a few followers who are based in the US and as Country music is nowhere near as big as it should be in the UK, I’m looking to you for guidance. So please recommend away, and help me fill the void of music and gripping storylines until I can order that DVD boxset.

Here’s a track from show that I love, happy listenin’ y’all.